Understanding Trauma and PTSD alongside Counsellor self-care

A one day online course

Working with trauma and PTSD can be demanding and requires extra skills often not included in basic training courses. As well as needing extra skills, self-care is crucial when working with this client group. This course blends both of these needs together, effectively giving you two courses for the price of one!

This one day online, experiential course covers the following aims:

  • To know what causes PTSD and trauma, looking at symptoms
  • To know what happens to the brain during a traumatic incident
  • To learn about practical interventions when working with this client group
  • To know how to look after yourself as counsellor when working with this client group

How we work:

Following Counselling World’s basic philosophy, this course is experiential, putting you at the heart of the learning experience. We aim to build on your current knowledge, as we draw upon what you can contribute to the course. During this online course you will be involved in exercises drawing on your somatic awareness. You will also have the opportunity to practice exercises to develop your self-care needs. You will have time to put new skills into practice with other counsellors before you go live after the course.

Tutor Experience

This subject is an area of passion for Hilary. As well as studying trauma and PTSD for her dissertation, Hilary has had many years experience working with trauma, both in private practice and in an agency setting which specialised in domestic abuse.

Both Hilary and Cath are counselling supervisors and tutors. These roles means they come into contact with counsellors and students who are constantly needing to look at self-care, in order to avoid burn out. They will draw on this rich experience during this course, as they give you practical ideas to put into practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is for qualified counsellors and supervisors, and those studying counselling at diploma level or beyond.

This course is not suitable for people currently experiencing symptoms of PTSD

Course Details

  • This 5.5 hour course will be held on Zoom
  • To hear about future dates, please register your interest and we will add you to our mailing list.
  • Cost: £65

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